About Us

Blue Node Media has an experienced team of experts who specialize in innovative and cutting edge solutions that create efficiencies, drive growth and use the latest technologies on the market. We are market leader for frontier technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, E Learning , Drones, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and we have been involved in the innovation space for 20 years.

Our Products

We are expert at be spoke Software, Web and Mobile Solutions for Non profits and Development Partners

Farmers AI Chatbot

Our farmers AI Chat bot helps answer questions in real time using Facebook messenger

e Learning Platform for Kids

Our e learning Platform for Kids has over 10,000 interactive learning objects that make learning fun and creative.

Farmers Market place & peer to peer lending platform

We help farmers sell their produce online. Our peer to peer lending platform also has crowdfunding features to enable people raise capital

Speciality Drones

Our vast collection of Drones collect data at a fraction of the cost from the traditional methods to date. Our drones are equipped with sensors tailored on the data collection activity.

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