Skool Desk - Better Test Grades for kids

Blue Node Media developed an e learning platform (skooldesk) using software as a service model that helps kids improve their test scores. We do this by providing a question bank for students where they can practice past papers (and other questions) and get graded instantly.

A Sample Science question


A sample question with a correct answerA sample question with a wrong answer

The Platform includes interactive learning objects that make learning fun, and intuitive. This is through games, puzzles, drag and drop objects, interactive audio and video.

Math random quiz

A robust analytics engine is able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each kid at subject and topic level e.g. Maths >> Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry English >> Comprehension, Grammar, Graphic stimulus, Reading. Teachers are able to save time  otherwise spent marking paper based scripts and know in real time problem areas of each individual learner. We have also created interactive learning objects that make learning fun and intuitive. We believe the introduction of smart information and communication technologies can go a long way in addressing some of the challenges in the current education system.

The platform was developed by a group of education professionals, multi media specialists, Business Analysts and System Integrators.

Cavin Mugarura is the Founder and Technical Lead at Blue Node Media, a Software as a Service Development Shop. He has extensive Software Development experience working with the World Bank, the United States Department of Health and Teaching at University. He has USA patents on simulated testing and color accounting.