Improving Learning outcomes in core subjects such as English, Math & Science


Education in Africa is ripe for disruption and novel technologies to change the face of education.

With the youngest population in the World, Africa is primed to become an educational and workforce giant for the future.

Unfortunately more than 100 million children are out of school, and more than half of them are girls.

In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 7 percent of students in late primary school are proficient in reading, against 14 percent in mathematics.


skooldesk helps kids improve test grades through a combination of automatic grading, analytics, artificial intelligence and game based learning.

The Problem

Children are getting low grades
Teachers spend a lot of time marking paper based scripts
Children score reports are not actionable, and they come late at the end of the term with little options for remedial help


Automatic grading upon completion of a test /quiz

Multi Lingual

Accessible to students with disabilities

Analytics engine identifies strengths and weaknesses at subject and topic level e.g. English >> Comprehension, Grammar, Reading Math >> Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry

Machine learning for students with difficulties

Macro Trends & Insights

Several African countries have introduced tablets and laptops for kids at primary level, but they don’t have the content

We have a highly skilled team that comprises of Educators, Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, and Sales & Marketing.

Some of our key staff have worked with Fortune 100 companies in North America and one of them has a US patent on simulated testing.

Screen shots of the Platform

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